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Nissan Repair/2000 Maxima hesitation at 4K RPM


David wrote at 2006-06-29 20:27:37
I don't know if your question was answered or not, but I had a similar problem and had to replace the mass airflow sensor (which is about $400 for the 2000 model).  My car too would rev great till about 3200 RPM, then nothing.  Replaced the mass airflow sensor and no more problem.

rade wrote at 2008-08-28 22:18:06
I have the same problem with my 2003 max se,stick shift-6 speed.I changed coils first, then mass sensor and nothing.Still have the same problem.But only when motor is hot,never when its cold.Well i realy think its not because of your transmission.Good luck!!!

Bryan wrote at 2011-04-12 03:01:56
I also have this same problem with my car exactly (2000 Nissan Maxima SE)only...mine is a manual transmission with a new clutch and transmission (has 285k miles lol)

Inxsm3 wrote at 2013-02-08 02:00:03
Same here 2000 5spd, new clutch, new coils and spark plugs. But over 3200rpms it falls flat on its face.. 171,000... It using a lot more fuel, think it might be MAF or ECT or combo.

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