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Nissan Repair/93 300ZX NA-engine runs rough, low pull in lower rmp range


silverz32 wrote at 2010-03-17 02:43:51
there is no coil on z32 it is the ptu or just bad plugs take a close look at all the plugs and then read about ptu for ur car it might have the old one witch always craps out

Frix wrote at 2012-02-26 21:45:34
Ritche, the Z32 300ZX doesn't have a distributor. It uses coil packs on each plug. The CAS, the MAF, or the alternator is usually at fault for problems like this on the Z32. The bogging is a result of low/ no spark, fuel, or air, so we're looking at electrical problems (alternator, loose/worn alternator belt), fuel delivery issues (fuel pump, injectors, wiring, connections), spark issues (plugs, cops, wiring, connections), and airflow issues (maf, air filter, vacuum leaks). Honestly, the causes and solutions of stumble/ hesitation issues and their fixes are simply far too extensive to post in entirety here.

Z32 wrote at 2013-09-18 02:08:19
If you have` a 93 - you dont have a distrubutor!  At least I cant find one on mine - lol!!  

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