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JBRollo wrote at 2008-05-20 00:02:45
Find/fix the leak first. A mechanic can do a cooling system pressure test that can help. A bad water pump might cause this too. On Nissan the water pump is so hidden it is hard to tell when its the source of the leak. And, a hot engine will miss and shudder. If its the gasket, hopefully not a head gasket, that could cause misfire and shudder too. Older Nissans did have some head gasket problems.I have found you want to fix the worse problem first, because sometimes you fix everything. It just makes sense.

dennis runyan wrote at 2014-04-17 14:20:20
My o9 Versa had miss at 1800rpm a few min. after starting when cold. When warm miss gone. I removed intake manifold was going to change plugs. When I removed cylinder #4 coil it was full of antifreeze. I think it is the top cover seal. Removed antifreeze miss gone for now. I will change top seal and go from there. There is also a leak right side rear of motor. Looks like the same seal leaking.

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