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Nissan Repair/clutch bleeding procedures


DENNIS PEDERSEN wrote at 2015-01-31 09:51:58

ABOVE wont do it. = as 300 zx have a bleed valve close to right front head light. inner guard, sitting close to the 4 wheel steering control module, it look like air conditioner valve = but is a clutch bleed valve = so fill reservoir with fluid. slowly open bleed valve on reservoir if any there ? then pump pedal and hold down = while opening bleed valve at the inner guard slowly until air or fluid appear, repeat = close valve = pump pedal slow a couple of times = hold pedal, = undo valve again slow = repeat until clean fluid appear = 1 extra time for good times.= close valve firm = but not to hard.. = make sure fluid don't run out in reservoir...  now repeat same with the lower bleed valve = at the slave cylinder = near the bell housing = do as above until = firm clutch pedal inside car.

good luck.


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