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Non-Denominational/civill crime commited by pastors


dear pastor ron, i was a victim of a civil crime commited by the church i used to go to. its has caused so much damage in my life you have no idea, i had an attorney, but felt lead not to sue i just need to confront them. when i made the police report the officer said to me that those invovled would go to jail under tha natioanl baptist conevention act, when i called the courhouse with the paper that the officer gave me they said all i could do was get an order of protection, are their governing lawas of the church in regard to this?  i have eyewitnesses willing to make statements police reports and abn ambulance had to be called at the church when i walked out i started having severe high bp surge and i couldnt breath so its documented that an ambulance had to be called to the church and there was approx nine more 911 calls after the incident. i am now having to seek cardiac care forget the severe ptsd resulting from it, i need help there are many more detials to the story, but these were supposed to be goldy people, i think their pastoral licenses should be revoked. please help me karen

Dear Karen,
The Scriptures concede that matters of sin should be dealt with within the church. However, HE has ordained "all authorities" Romans 13 if the realm of offense exceeds the church's willingness or ability to handle it. I am not an attorney so that realm is one I am not a professional in. However, if the offenses that you allude to can be handled by those "over" the church leaders where the offenses occurred than I would encourage you to take it to the next level within that denomination.

Hope this helps!

Pastor Ron


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