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I see on your profile you used to be a "Church of Christ". I think it's good you changed to non-denominational (I agree it's the best). Why do you think your former denomination is so against music? I believe music is one of the BEST part of church. The Church of Christ is so different than most evangelical churches (though better than churches like Mormon or Jehovah's Witness, which are NOT Christian) that they almost cross the line as being a Christian Church, but I don't think they cross it. They  seem to "almost" believe too that they are the only ones who will be saved, which is a BIG turnoff to me.

The Churches of Christ, in their teaching, do not have instrumental music in their services for several reasons:
(1) They believe there is no New Testament authorization for it.
(2) They speak where the Bible speaks, and are silent where it is silent.
(3) Nothing in the Old Covenant was carried over to the New Testament.

This is there teaching in a nutshell. I disagree with these 3 points.

Also, they believe in baptismal regeneration because of their interpretation of Acts 2:38:
"Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins."

They believe we are saved by knowing that baptism remits sins, and by actually being immersed with that formula said over them. I believe the Baptist are right in their interpretation of this verse: "We are baptized because we have been saved, not to be saved."

Thanks and God bless you, Gary Cummings, M.Div.


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Gary Cummings


I am committed to non-denominational Christian faith. Church history and theology from a non-denominational stance are areas from which I can answer questions. Also, questions about areas of Biblical studies are part of my expert areas.


I have been a bi-vocational minister since 1969. After six years in the Churches of Christ, I left to be a non-denominational minister and Bible teacher. Since then I have been a preacher and Bible teacher (in a non-denominational way)with Friends (Quakers), House Churches, Mennonite Church, and a Community Church.

War Resisters League Vietnam Veterans Against the War

B.A., Bible, 1969, Abilene Christian College. M.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1980, ACU-Dallas. M.Div., Theology and Religion, 1983, Earlham School of Religion. Doctoral Work on Doctor of Ministry, not completed.

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