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I understand you haven't had any questions. well, here's one for you:I have had three ministers (in a row)tell me my personal ministry, which is a Christian Alliance, would be so much more productive if I belonged to a church. The Holy Spirit has instructed me though to have this Alliance as my "church", even though it's not one. See, this ministry emphasizes ALL churches coming together to spread His message. If I belonged to a Baptist church, for instance, it would be harder for me to convince the Pentocostals, and vice versa if I was a Pentecostal. What do you think?

If you belong to Christ, you are in His Church. I think the 3 ministers mean well, but there is a tendency to want to control things in many pastors. The productivity comes through the Holy Spirit working and people's hearts. "Do not say the Kingdom of God (Church) is here or there, but the Kingdom of God is within you."-Jesus

Thanks, Gary Cummings, M.Div.


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I am committed to non-denominational Christian faith. Church history and theology from a non-denominational stance are areas from which I can answer questions. Also, questions about areas of Biblical studies are part of my expert areas.


I have been a bi-vocational minister since 1969. After six years in the Churches of Christ, I left to be a non-denominational minister and Bible teacher. Since then I have been a preacher and Bible teacher (in a non-denominational way)with Friends (Quakers), House Churches, Mennonite Church, and a Community Church.

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B.A., Bible, 1969, Abilene Christian College. M.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1980, ACU-Dallas. M.Div., Theology and Religion, 1983, Earlham School of Religion. Doctoral Work on Doctor of Ministry, not completed.

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