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To be upfront about myself I will say I have weak faith. I was raised catholic and lost faith in that at 19. I prayed to God to find a proper Church and joined a group called the Churches of Christ. They profess to be the only true church on earth while all others are damned.

I came to dislike the first Church after one member told me about certain actions I didn't approve of. It was after he told me I was being accused of being selfish that we parted ways. I then joined a second church years later. I became friends with the preacher for two years and helped him on errands. During my time with him all he did was complain and insult others behind there back. He would lie, blaspheme, and cuss on a daily basis. It wasn't until he judged me due to my personal economic circumstances that we parted ways, and I fell into atheism. After eight months I gave him another chance and left a second time due to vulgar comments he made toward a loved one. I haven't nor wish to see him. Thus currently I have not been to church.

I am here to ask about Gods signs or providence.

I have prayed to lose weight and met a man who made me diet, I've lost 80 pounds. I am still big, but have stopped exercising. In the past I've never been able to lose, and keep off weight.

I've prayed for a cure to my ulcer and found one.

Prayed for my stress to be reduced and after years I was given meds that have helped a great deal, although I'm currently fighting some personal issues. I suffer from a stress disorder. This year has been very good and I have met many nice people

I prayed for a move to L.A. I then met my second minister who was from there and was an expert in the field I wanted to study.

I am currently praying for something. Sometimes I feel deeply discouraged and it affects me badly. Daily someone will send me a message telling me they are praying with me for my needs.

Other times I've found sayings posted by a religious and very enthusiastic women saying God is behind your dreams or something to that nature. Sometimes I'll see the same quote repeated. It makes me wonder sometimes.

Sometimes someone will post a message saying. Don't give up God is listening, and heard prayers. The other day when a person made some negative comments. I read online a post reading don't listen to nay Sayers.

These things make me wonder if God is telling me something, of course the writings aren't for me alone.

First of all, I feel your spiritual pain. There are many naysayers in life,especially in religion.Pray that God will send a person your way to be a spiritual friend and mentor, someone who will just listen and not respond in judgemental ways. Stay away from the Churches of Christ,as they are a cult. Read a few verses of the Gospel of John daily.Read it out loud,and pray about what you read.This will give you some foundation.Forget about finding a true church,there are none.There are just true followers of Christ scattered among all the Churches. Find some place you can be to hear Gods Word and take communion. This will be healing for you. Also I would recommend keeping a spiritual journal as well. Peace to you, Brother Gary


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I am committed to non-denominational Christian faith. Church history and theology from a non-denominational stance are areas from which I can answer questions. Also, questions about areas of Biblical studies are part of my expert areas.


I have been a bi-vocational minister since 1969. After six years in the Churches of Christ, I left to be a non-denominational minister and Bible teacher. Since then I have been a preacher and Bible teacher (in a non-denominational way)with Friends (Quakers), House Churches, Mennonite Church, and a Community Church.

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B.A., Bible, 1969, Abilene Christian College. M.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1980, ACU-Dallas. M.Div., Theology and Religion, 1983, Earlham School of Religion. Doctoral Work on Doctor of Ministry, not completed.

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