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I was just reading 1 cor. 11, and was wondering if the bible speaks of head covering for woman on any other place and thus what is the correct way for female to go in to church and worship God, with or with out head covering, biblical what is right

Thanks for asking this question. First of all, I believe that a both Biblical issue and
a cultural issue are discussed in First Cor.11.

The Biblical issue is respect for husbands by their Christian wife. Some wealthier women
Had fancy hairstyles to show off. To do this they would not wear a veil.This is what the local
Prostitutes did. So these unveiled women showed a lack of respect for their husband. Paul put a stop to this in Corinth,but did not mandate a veil (cultural) for all time. He did mean though that a Christian
Woman show respect to her husband (this is not cultural,but the Biblical principle).

This teaching of the use of the veil is meant for Corinth and for other
Churches within that culture. Respect your spouse is meant for all cultures.

I hope this helps some. My wife has worn a head covering in Mennonite churches, but
does not at this time,as we attend a Methodist church.

Thanks and God bless you,


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