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Sir I have never had a sign from God, the only things I can see that could be from God are the following

Praying for weight loss sporadically then finally losing 80 pounds. Am still 40 pounds over weight. Of course i had to lose the weight due to having medical issues and. Y doctor never got off my case. In the past I must admit I never succeeded in dieting before now. This took years to come about, but I never prayed about it hardly, I started to pray about it frequently a while before it happened.

Prayed for a cure for stress, I suffer from a stress disorder since I was 13, at 26 a new doctor who also made me diet the new medication has allowed me to go out a lot in the past three years, especially this year.

Prayed to move to L.A. I haven't but met a man from L.A. Who gave me a lot of advice on a field of study I was interested in, he was an expert. Also found out I had a relative from there.

Prayed for a certain rude person to leave me alone, he did after two years, but he had health issues.

So I don't know if these are coincidences or answers. I once. Et a man who says he had brain damage yet his father had him go to churches all the time till he was healed.

When I stopped praying I had people at church calling me, and a man who I once knew tell me about God out of no where, but people calling me from church is expected. I also had one man talk to me about God in the mall I don't recall if I was in my atheist mode at the time. He was very elderly and kept me talking for 10 minutes or so. Very nice man.

Right now I don't go to church because I've had bad experiences with the Churches Of Christ. When I was 19 I joined but they refused to baptism me without reason. After a time there I would sometimes miss and was told that while I was gone I was slandered. I tried my best to give my part, as well as to the food bank. I did this for God, nobody knew I was the one donating except once. I was called selfish

After 7 years of being alone I attended another church. Some of the people were very high class. The preacher was a former cop. They were very judgmental against women and such

The preacher said gays, blasphemers, bad children etc should die even though he would tell me stories about how he wished certain family members he hated and should go to hell. He also insulted disabled people and anyone and everyone except himself. He also frequently used Gods name in vain and used profanity. I stopped going after he falsely accused of nonsense. He only visited me once in 8 months I returned on my own but left again after he insulted a loved one.

I wish I could just fin fa good proper church without any of this family nonsense.

Hi Raul,

Not only do I NOT need to tell which things you listed above came from God, but I can also assure you that God is ALWAYS working miracles in your life.  EVERYTHING you listed above were from God.  The Bible says,

"ALL good things come from God."

It does NOT say any of the following...

"Some good things come from God."

"God controls some things; others are coincidences."

The Bible does not say anywhere the last two.

And yes, most people have bad experiences with certain churches.  Don't let that hinder you.  Three churches out of millions is not a reason to give up.  Maybe God is trying to show or teach you something; something you don't quite yet understand.

The Bible says,

"Not all who say to me 'Lord, Lord" will enter the Kingdom of heaven.  For on that day MANY (not few) will say to Me, 'Lord, have we not cast out demons and done many good things in Your name?'  I (Jesus) will say to them, "I never knew you.  Depart from Me you evildoers.'

Many your former pastor will be one of these people???  


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