I want to know why sins are sins. Why exactly is lust or lying a sin? Now, these aren't necessarily areas I struggle with, just examples. Though, I struggle with all all sins because I have a sinful nature. I know they're sins. I know the Bible says they're sins. I want to know why the Bible says they are sins. What's the reasoning behind it? We are logical because God is logical so I know he has reasons. I've tried looking it up, but to no avail. Thanks ahead of time for your answer, Hope.

Dear Hope,

It is not wrong to question. It is wrong to decide that the INFINITE BEING who created you got it wrong! For those who do, it does not end well...

Sin is (according to the Scriptures)"transgression of the law".
1Jn 3:4  Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.

In order for THE CREATOR to allow HIS Creation autonomy of choice AND to have only those who choose the wisdom of living within the means of eternity, HE made the distinction between sin(rejecting HIS infinite wisdom) and righteousness (living within HIS infinite wisdom).

For example; a puppy can only enjoy puppyhood if that puppy is satisfied with being a puppy. If that puppy rejects his/her being as a puppy and decided that he/she is dolphin and dives into the water acting like a dolphin then that puppy will drown. That puppy suffered the fate of it's own existence by rejecting what it had been created to be.

The same is with man. Adam was created to live in harmony with his Creator for eternity. Adam chose to reject his position and to rather choose to live outside of his created existence. He died.

Sin is the consequence that all who choose to live as inherited beings in Adam will experience. MESSIAH came that we might be "born again" in HIM who lived, died and overcame the result of sin; death. All who now choose to reject the Adamic nature and believe in the ONLY ONE who overcame death can experience what Adam gave up by his willful rejection of his existence.

Read the Book of Romans with this in mind and may THE Creator speak to your heart the Truth that will set you free!

Pastor Ron


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