Hi.  I have a question.  Do you think it makes sense to baptize a child if you're not very religious, don't attend church, etc.?  Thanks

My theological background is that of "Believers Church" and "Believers Baptism". This that I am not a proponent of infant baptism. I personally believe the Biblical witness is that salvation and righteousness is "by faith, from first to last." Romans 1:16-17. That being said, I do believe children to need some basic religious education in a non-coercive manner, which will be a foundation for reflection later in life. thank you for asking this question.


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Gary Cummings


I am committed to non-denominational Christian faith. Church history and theology from a non-denominational stance are areas from which I can answer questions. Also, questions about areas of Biblical studies are part of my expert areas.


I have been a bi-vocational minister since 1969. After six years in the Churches of Christ, I left to be a non-denominational minister and Bible teacher. Since then I have been a preacher and Bible teacher (in a non-denominational way)with Friends (Quakers), House Churches, Mennonite Church, and a Community Church.

War Resisters League Vietnam Veterans Against the War

B.A., Bible, 1969, Abilene Christian College. M.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, 1980, ACU-Dallas. M.Div., Theology and Religion, 1983, Earlham School of Religion. Doctoral Work on Doctor of Ministry, not completed.

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