Hi Ron,
Temptation is a word I feel gets thrown around a lot, but I found myself asking what exactly does it mean. I do know that it involves wanting to do something you shouldn't, something wrong. But is there more to it than that? What I mean is, when someone says they are tempted, can it simply mean they want to do something wrong, but never consider doing it and never come close to actually doing it? Or for a person to be tempted, do they also need to consider it, or come close to doing it? For example, a friend saying she wants to sleep with another man(simply has the desire), but doesn't consider doing it and doesn't come close to actually doing it. Is that her being tempted, or would she need to at least consider it?
I apologize for the long question, just need some clarification.

Thank you!

Dear Mike,

The verse that comes to mind that might help you understand the true nature of temptation is this one;
Jas 1:14  But G1161  every man G1538  is tempted, G3985  when he is drawn away G1828  of G5259  his own G2398  lust, G1939  and G2532  enticed. G1185 

I include the Strong's Concordance reference numbers to help connect the meanings to the verse.

G3985   (Strong)




From G3984; to test (objectively), that is, endeavor, scrutinize, entice, discipline: - assay, examine, go about, prove, tempt (-er), try.

G1939   (Strong)




From G1937; a longing (especially for what is forbidden): - concupiscence, desire, lust (after).


G1185   (Strong)




From the baes of G1388; to entrap, that is, (figuratively) delude: - allure, beguile, entice.
So, looking at this verse, and the meanings of the words, we can see that for a person to "want" is simply the heart desire, verbalized or kept quiet. The truth is that temptation has occurred. If it is actualized the result is that life is affected. Consider;
Jas 1:15  Then G1534  when lust G1939  hath conceived, G4815  it bringeth forth G5088  sin: G266  and G1161  sin, G266  when it is finished, G658  bringeth forth G616  death. G2288 

So the two verses expressed in sequence gives a clear picture of how temptation inwardly can result in consequences outwardly if not repented of and in fact, acted upon. Consider;
Jas 1:14  But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
Jas 1:15  Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
Hope that this brief answer helps you as temptation occurs!

Pastor Ron


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