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In 2001 I married in Guangzhou and lived there for 3 yrs. I then emigrated my then wife and her daughter to US. They are now US citizens.

We have not lived together for 2 yrs (my wife living with another man) and have filed repeatedly for divorce in Alameda County California where we live! But we keep getting "refused by the courts"! They keep inventing new forms we were never presented upon our filings! They have shot us down 3 times now and our divorce is like this:

  - We are both in agreement to divorce
  - There is "no assets, no properties, no settlements or support
  - No liabilities, no custody (child is 19 now)

      Since you have said "a China divorce must be filed in the State of our residency" I was wondering, since I eventually (2 yrs from now) return to China to live by myself year-round, leaving only 2 weeks-a-year for a business visa renewal, could I then file this divorce in Guangzhou as "a China resident"??

PS:  My former wife (yes, the one I'm still married to) is willing to fully cooperate in any way and feels badly for me since I wish to "remarry" (she is content with just "living with her boyfriend)!

         With Sincere Regards,

         Paul Casson   (Casson-Li)

Hi Casson,

Although you and your wife registered your marriage in Guangzhou, China, your wife are US citizen and live in US now, a US court would be much more suitable for your case.

I don't know why the Alameda County court refused your case, and present new what kinds of forms. There may be some misunderstandings about your case. I think you may need a lawyer in Alameda County court to represent you.

As for file a divorce case in China, it would be more hard than in US. Unless you and your wife come back to GUangzhou both.

So my suggestion is keep on filing your case in Alameda County court. In case of any needs of Chinese law, I would be glad to provide any help.



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