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Case Study

A Car Vehicle ABC dashes at another Car Vehicle DEF by mistake.
Damage has happened to Vehicle DEF but no damage has happened to Car Vehicle ABC. Owner of Vehicle DEF Claims money for the Vehicle Damage from Car Vehicle ABC Owner.

Now Suppose Car Vehicle DEF Owner Refuses to pay the Claim money amount to Car Vehicle ABC Owner, then in this case Can Car Vehicle
DEF Owner can file a Legal Case against Car Vehicle Owner ABC and send a Legal Notice to appear in the session court ?.

What will be the Legal Case Type i.e. Criminal or Civil Case ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Usually, car crashes are settled with the third party insurance of the damaging car owner. However, a civil legal suit can also be filed at the court by the car owner who suffered the damage. Furthermore, the public prosecution office can independently file an indictment if the car driver commited a criminal offence. Claims for damages are not dealt with at the penal courts.

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