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Hi Harvey,

A 501 c 3 holds obstacle course races (simialr to warrior dashes that are hosted by for profit orgs).  the proceeds after deduction for costs (no salaries) are donated to various charitable purposes at discretion of board.  The Board wants to offer small prizes for 1st place, 2nd and 3rd, total not exceeding $500.  This event is the main annual fundraiser and raises between $10K and $15K.  

Is the prize money unrelated business income and taxable?  The prizes do attract and induce competitve racers, therefore increasing revenues that will be donated to charitable purposes.

Thanks for you opinion.

The prize money is income to the individual winners and can not, therefore, be income to the 501(c)(3) organization.  The term "unrelated business income" only refers to income of exempt organizations.  For me to let you know something about that $10-$15k income, I would need to know whether the income is coming from donations or from other sources, and, if from other sources, what they are (for example, entrance fees for participants or admission fees to the race). After you give me that information I will reply further.

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