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I have a general question. My daughter plays varsity softball for my local district.  Her coach has told them they will need to sell all their chances, 20 @ 10 each to get their softball clothing. If they don't, they will not be getting all their clothing.  Is this legal?  Can she withhold the clothing?  My daughter has sold at least half but cannot sell anymore and is worrying over this.  I cannot afford to buy the remainder, but don't want her to be penalized. Thank you.

I have in my profile that this free forum is only for general questions relating to IRS federal exemption issues of 501(c)(3) organizations.  I am assuming by "local district" that are you referring to a public school district.  The IRS has no regulations relating to the public school districts.  However, you can check with the New York Education Department
and your local school board to see if they have regulations prohibited such.

Note that games of chance are highly regulated by the State of New York and that licenses with the State are generally required for the conduct.
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S 189. Restrictions upon conduct of games of chance. The conduct of games of chance authorized by local law or ordinance shall be subject to the following restrictions irrespective of whether the restrictions are contained in such local law or ordinance, but nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the inclusion within such local law or ordinance of other provisions imposing additional restrictions upon the conduct of such games:
1. No person, firm, partnership, corporation or organization, other than a licensee under the provisions of section one hundred ninety-one of this article, shall conduct such game or shall lease or otherwise make available for conducting games of chance premises for any consideration whatsoever, direct or indirect.
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You would also check with your municipality to see if the proper licensing has been obtained
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1. The common council or other local legislative body of any municipality may, either by local law or ordinance, provide that it shall be lawful for any authorized organization, upon obtaining a license therefor as hereinafter provided, to conduct games of chance within the territorial limits of such municipality, subject to the provisions of such local law or ordinance, the provisions of this article, and the provisions set forth by the board.
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Even if that raffle is properly licensed, the school may not require such fees. The New York State Commissioner of Education wrote in a decision of 1991, "Respondent [public school board] does not have authority to require parents of those children who wish to participate in interscholastic athletic activities to pay a fee or to make  a required donation to support such activities. The minutes of respondent's August 1, 1990 meeting seem to indicate that such a
fee schedule "was actually contemplated. Such action by respondent, if properly substantiated, would be improper and would be cause for me to grant appropriate relief against the board of education." and the third
bullet (Commissioner's Decision 12,505) on page 3

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