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I am currently assisting a 501 (c) 3 non-profit soccer club with modifications to their accounting practices to come into compliance with IRS Regulations.  The club currently offers financial aid (fee discounts) to players of needy families.  The club requires the parents of all financial aid players to volunteer for 40 hours with the club.  This is for all full and partial financial aid (fee discounts).  Should the club base the value of the discounts on the total fee discount or on an arbitrarily determined dollar value per hour volunteered?  I also believe that due to the fact they are required to volunteer, they should then be issued a 1099 for the amount of the Fee discount if the amount exceeds $600, is that correct?  In previous questions you have answered, I saw that if the organization retains control of the job to be performed and how it is to be performed, then this should be a w-2 situation and not a 1099, is that correct?

"[T]here is no expectation of payment by a volunteer." on page 2
which is an opinion from the Chief Counsel of the State of
California's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

"True volunteer firefighters do not receive, or have an
expectation of receiving, compensation."
page 9 of

As your organization requires work in exchange for benefit to the family, the work would be treated a taxable like the work that a university requires in exchange for financial aid.

A scholarship or fellowship is tax free to the recipient only if he
or she is:
A candidate for a degree at an eligible educational institution;
Uses the scholarship or fellowship to pay qualified education
Qualified education expenses include tuition and fees; and course-
related expenses such as books, supplies, and equipment. Room and
board, travel, research, clerical help, and non-required equipment
are not qualified education expenses.

The value for what is given in return for 40 hours of work is the discount in fees and my dicussion earlier about the W-2s or 1099s would apply in your situation.

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