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QUESTION: My 501 c 3 recently merged with another rescue group that is not a 501 c 3 and we changed the name of our 501 c 3 hoping to team up. Each organization had their own bank accounts and dogs.
Question 1: Shouldn't all of the donations from the merging point on been reported and recorded to the treasurer of the merged organization?
The President of the non-501 c 3 part continued to put donations into her personal account and had sole control over it. She claims all donations were used toward the dogs and the organization but we have no record of that.
So questions 2: How to we get her investigated.
The bank account that belonged to the original 501c3 is still active.

ANSWER: The word "merge" is not appropriate unless two organizations become one organization and then, onward, only use one organization and that organization's EIN (Employer Identification Number, also known as the taxpayer identification number) on all bank accounts. The merger would be legally approved by the Secretary of State.

Therefore, before I could answer your question properly I would need to know if there was a merger or, if not, what was the written agreement you had with the two organizations. You can send me a copy if you wish. If you only had an oral agreement, you would need to give me the exact wording of that oral agreement.

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QUESTION: We never had a written agreement. I know, and I kick myself everyday.
Oral agreement was that we would merge our two groups together, forming a new name and operate under that name as one organization. The problem is that the entities never trusted each enough to share funds and now it is very hostile.
Question 3: If the treasurer resigns must they turn over the books to the President or only to the new treasurer?
thank you

Well, absent a written agreement (or even if there was an oral agreement) any funds solicited for the 501(c)(3) organization would need to go to that 501(c)(3) organization's bank account and not into the bank account of an individual solicitor. As you wrote, "The President of the non-501 c3 part continued to put donations into her personal account".

Complaints could go to your State's Attorney General's Office as
that office generally oversees charities within the state. If the
action is criminal then your local district attorney may be
interested in prosecuting as at:
which is a pdf file of 4 different news stories.

You would look to your bylaws to see what arrangement would be when a Treasurer resigns, but, generally, if there is no specific provision, the exiting treasurer could turn over the financial records to either the CEO or the new treasurer.

The Texas Code sections for "Nonprofit Corporations" are available at: and you can see that there is only one reference to "treasurer" and that does not answer your specific question. On page 2 of a 39 page pdf file from the Louisiana PTA we see, "the financial records are the property of the PTA, not an individual officer. A treasurer should never refuse to turn all records over to a successor or to an auditing committee."

Harvey Mechanic, Attorney at Law -

P.S. This response is intended to be a general statement of law, should not be relied upon as legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship.  

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