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QUESTION: Our high school Speech & Debate team has a 501(c)3 booster to help fund Invitational Tournament Costs, League Fees and Coach Travel Costs.   Is it legal to charge a membership fee ($50) to have access to voting rights?  And, to further disclose that and identified number of families have not paid their "membership fee" in a public meeting?

ANSWER: I am assuming that the organization is a California nonprofit corporation and tttp://  starting at section 5002 is the California Nonprofit Corporation's law and specifically starting at 5110 is the law for Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporations, which would be how a 501(c)(3) booster organization would be established, if if was a corporation. Let me know whether the organization is such a corporation and also whether the articles of incorporation or bylaws specify anything about "memberships" and, if so, what. After you give me that information I will reply further.

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QUESTION: Yes, we are a California Non-Profit booster with a Fed Tax Id and 501(c)3 status.  I do not believe the booster has ever filed anything with the State of California, and do not establish themselves as a California Non-Profit Corporation.  (I believe this is simply because they are unaware of this step).

The ByLaws state, on Attachment #4, Form 1023, Part VI, Section 2: ** Speech Booster raises funds and provides volunteers for the ** Speech Team.  All members of the ** Speech Team are recipients of benefits from the ** Speech boosters.  New members of the ** Speech Team are selected by the coaches and current team members.  Membership in the ** Speech Boosters is open to any parent or interested individual.  There is only one level of membership, and no dues are collected.

However, these bylaws were written 2 years ago, and I do not have access to the current bylaws, although I do not believe they have made and had approved any changes.

They did however, hold a vote a couple months ago asking parent to approve a $50 membership fee for voting rights, as they told the parents that the Booster would not survive without it.  So, a majority of parents agreed, but far from all inclusive.

At a meeting last week, they indicated which families had not paid, and pointed to members in the room to indicate who was actually a member.

But, I do not believe the changes to the bylaws were made or approved, as they must be approved at the beginning of each school year by the School District.


Because the organization has not been incorporated as a California Nonprofit Corporation it would not be subject to the California Nonprofit corporation law and the organization could properly have membership fees for voting memberships and I know of no law prohibiting them from announcing who was not a voting member. However, the etiquette, normally is that organizations would announce or post who are the voting members and not who are the millions of people who are not voting members.

If they did properly change the bylaw that had that "no dues collected", then they could have fees for voting memberships.

Harvey Mechanic, Attorney at Law -

P.S. his response is intended to be a general statement of law, should not be relied upon as le gal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship.  

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