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I have read several pieces on your site about gymnastics booster clubs.  I understand the money raised must benefit the entire team and exclude no one, regardless of whether they have met the volunteer commitment.  The money we raise throughout the year only covers a portion of the costs and for the remainder we charge "assessments".  These assessments are an estimate of the coaches fee's for the season.  We have level 3-10 gymnasts competing and not all attend the same meets. An example would be our level 3-5 compete in 5 meets in the fall and our level 6-10 compete in 5 meets in the spring.  In the past our treasurer has broken down every meet expense for each and every meet.  She then charged an assessment based on what meets your daughter was attending.  By doing this it created a great deal of complicated calculations and paperwork.  Because this is considered one team we now are estimating the entire team (10 meets total) and coming up with an equal assessment for every girl, regardless of what meets they are attending.  We have a lot of backlash from the parents because they do not feel it is fair to pay the same assessment as a girl who attends meets much farther away, increasing that specific meets cost.  I was accused of being unethical by not simply charging assessments based on which meets your daughter attends.  This would create a different assessment for the level 3-5 group and 6-10 group.  Because of the time it would take to break it all down per each individual girl we simply too the estimated cost for the entire year and divided it by how many girls were competing regardless of their level.  Am I being unethical or am I in accordance with the law to charge an equal assessment across the board.  I almost feel as though charging each girl a different amount is in direct violation of law because you are treating, and charging, each member differently.  Thanks

A 501(c)(3) organization may charge fees to pass through to another entity, like a meet or a coach and those fees may be equally divided among the participants or charged on the basis of individual use. Note that the 501(c)(3) organization may not allow, in either case, the participants to raise those funds, representing that they are raising funds for the 501(c)(3) organization or that those funders would receive a tax deduction for such funding. My summary of IRS regulations relating to 501c3 booster organizations is at:
and you may be interested to read that.

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