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I have been told that a person who works for a non-profit for money is not allowed to volunteer for the same non-profit in their "off" time. The person is called an "independent contractor" by the non-profit however their employment doesn't meet the standard of being an independent contractor. They are more like an employee who is not categorized properly. The paid position is working in a small greenhouse. The "volunteering" is helping build anouther greenhouse 55 miles away on the 2 "off" days. This is in California. I hope this is a clear question. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

I have in my profile that this free forum is only for general questions about IRS federal exemption issues of 501(c)(3) organizations. Your matter is not an exemption issue but an employment law issue (applies to nonprofits and for-profit).Even though this forum is not for such state law issues, if you give me your state I may be able to direct you.  Misclassification of independent contractors is a big issue for the IRS and the States. You did not ask how to correct that treatment, but if you are interested, see the posting by Nolo Press, the largest U.S. publisher of legal information for non-lawyers.

Regarding the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Department of Labor has written:

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There is no exclusion in the FLSA for private non-profit organizations. Employees of non-profit organizations are individually covered under the FLSA if, in the performance of their duties, they are engaged in interstate commerce or in the production of goods or materials for interstate commerce. In
determining whether employees are engaged in interstate commerce for purposes of the FLSA, "the purpose of the Act was to extend federal control in this field throughout the farthest reaches of the channels of interstate commerce." Walling v. Jacksonville Paper Co., 317 U.S. 564, 567 (1943).
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Some states provide more protection for workers and, therefore, I suggest that you contact the California Labor Department, Wage and Hour Division.

In any case, independent contractor may volunteer to work for nonprofits which are paying them for other work, but there are regulations relating to employees. The U.S. Labor Department has published:
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In circumstances where individuals who are regular employees of religious, charitable, or non-profit organizations donate services as volunteers to such organizations but in a different employment
capacity, the time so spent is not considered compensable under the FLSA because the Wage and Hour Division will not claim that an employee/employer relationship exists for that different employment
capacity. For example, office employees of the Association or one of its volunteer companies may volunteer to provide EMS during off-duty hours as an act of charity. On the other hand, such a regular
office employee may not volunteer uncompensated to handle office work arising from a special fund drive or other operations of the Association or one if its volunteer companies.
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