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I hope I am not bombarding you with questions, but as I research I keep thinking of more things!!!
What do you think of Bald Head Island? In particular, how do like their beaches and water? It sounds like a great concept but I have read some questionable reviews as well.

If I choose the Crystal Coast it will only be because we have limited time. I think I want to save Hatteras and Ocracoke for when we are not rushed. That is an area I really want to explore and that takes time.

Emerald Isle is a short drive, and easy to obtain beachfront property. I read that Army Corp dredges the inlet regularly near morehead, and that contributes to issues with water and beach at atlantic beach. I am wondering if the beaches toward Emerald Isle are better. The photos make them look nice. But there are some tricks of the trade.  I guess I am a bit of a beach quality fanatic. I basically vowed to never goto Myrtle Beach again because of these things. I love to read Dr. Beachs reviews!

Also, how far are the beaches from Ocracoke? Thank u SO MUCH!


Hi Jennifer,

First of all I have never been to Bald Head - I'm really sorry that I can't be of any help on this location.  I've been all over but this is one that I haven't been to yet.  And also I don't have any friends who I sometimes rely on for information who have been there either.  So, you can get as much information as I can via the internet.

I do understand about Crystal Coast and the time factor - I'm the same way.  The Ocracoke trip does really need to be taken when you can really spend 3-4 good quality days there to get the full enjoyment from the island.

Emerald Isle is another area I don't know a whole lot about.  I agree with you about Myrtle - I have been there several times and played a lot of golf but I didn't go for the beaches.  Our favorite beach in NC is Oak Island.  We usually go in the Fall and in the Spring and completely avoid all beach areas in the summer.  The ocean front houses on Oak Island can be rented for a very reasonable price in the off season.

Do you mean how far are the beaches on Ocracoke Island from the village?  I would guess anywhere from 3 miles to 20 miles, depending on  where you start.

I hope this helps.  Take care and have fun!

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