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Norway/cost of living in stavanger


we are a family of three (3+yr old son) from Nigeria.My husband is an experienced Civil/Structural Engineer who at the moment is considering a 2yr contract job at Stavanger for an offshore oil and gas consultancy company on a residential basis.They are willing to pay a net monthly salary of 32,724NOK.They will also offer sick pay,  pention contribution pay and holiday pay( have no idea how they work).However, they are not willing to provide accomodation, visas and flight tickets to Norway. My Question: will this income be able to comfortably sustain my family and hopefully be able to save a substantial amount?
Could you also help with information regarding apartment rental rates, utilities, school fees and transport fare.

32K NOK/month is not very much. It is pretty much the bare minimum starter salary for inexperienced engineers in Stavanger.

Stavanger is the most expensive city in norway. Keeping a family on that pay is perfectly possible, if you avoid debts and live frugally. But it is not much. And you will not be able to save up much money if you keep up with the local standard of living.

The standard budget:


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