QUESTION: I am from Bulgaria.Married with two kids.I am Physiotherapist and my wife is a school teacher.I want to start work and live in Norway with my family.Can you tell me how can I apply and start?

ANSWER: You're an EU citizen. You set up shop, or get a job - and report to the local police that you're living here now. Easy. The only real requirement is that you earn enough to support yourself and pay taxes.

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QUESTION: I want to know the way to start work as a Physiotherapist,Masseur,Fittness instructor.How much are the taxes?How to find a school for my kids and job for my wife?

Taxes are generally 28%

Schools are public and you send your kids to the nearest to where you live.

Work for your wife is her own responsibility.

How you go about finding or making a job I can't have any opinion on.

But you are not allowed to stay beyond 3 months if you cannot make a living. And You are not eligible for any benefits, social programs or public services until you have secured a steady income.  


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