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I am looking to move to Norway in January, Is it essential I speak Norwegian in the workplace? the work I will be doing will be mainly warehouse and production, to start with. Also in terms of living there where would be the best place to live in terms of what best for things to do in free time, good schools and kindergartens, my eldest child is 5 and I also have 3 year old twins, my wife will be going University so I need good transport links etc also are there many places I can find a language course so i can learn to speak Norwegian.
I am a UK citizen so as far as i'm aware I don't need permits and just need to register with the police to say we're staying there longer than 3 months.

In most workplaces with graduate and educted employees people will effortlessly switch to english when they see you. It will be more difficult to force them to speak norwegian so that you can learn.

Most major towns have evening classes to learn norwegian for immigrants.

where to live? Close to uni? Cant give any advice here.

About permit you're right. But you need to make money to live. You cant go on the dole until you have worked for three years.


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Roy Helge Rasmussen


I live in the southern part of norway and can find my way around most of the country. I will answer questions about social life, culture, language and politics to the best of my knowledge. I am not so good at travel tips outside the south-eastern parts, although I will try to answer.


I live here and have been guiding members of my family around when they visit from abroad for years.

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