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I wish to inquire if there is a penalty or any chance of forfeiting (the validity of) their Norwegian passport, if in case one does not return to Norway for a couple of years? If yes, how many years (maximum) does it take before one forfeits their Norwegian passport & is there such a thing? Even if one's citizenship is Norwegian? Is traveling back to Norway on a regular basis the only way to ensure that this won't happen?

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ANSWER: Your passport will expire in 10 years, but your citizenship will not - unless you aquire another citizenship.

If you are only norwegian, then you will stay norwegian until you die. It is illegal to forfeit your citizenship as long as you do not hold another citizenship to fall back on.

If you do aquire another citizenship though, the law states that you do forfeit your norwegian citizenship. But this only holds true if they actually find out. If you don't tell them, you'll stay in the norwegian register.

Your right to work and live though, may be temporarily retracted if you don't live here fore some years. But as long as you are a citizen you can get that right back by simply filling out a couple of forms.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: To follow up, I'm aware that certain benefits will be retracted when one stayed too long outside Norway and its system but I wonder will the Norwegian passport be retracted also? If not used within the span of 5-10 years? Say, If one does not travel back regularly? Hence losing it's validity? I know we can always renew it at our embassy before it's expiration in 10 years time. Actually that is the only concern and no intentions of changing citizenship. Just quite uncertain (wanted to be sure 100%) with the passport and wanted an opinion on it.

Thank you for the quick reply.

A passport is only a document, it expires in 5 or 10 years, depending on the type of passport. Then you have to renew it at the embassy. Nobody is required to have a passport- but you can get one as long as you're a citizen. The citizenship - the right to have a passport issued - that will not expire unless you also aquire another citizenship.

Er du norsk statsborger, så slutter du ikke å være statsborger med mindre du aksepterer statsborgerskap i en annen stat. Det er ulovlig å frata noen norsk statsborgerskap hvis de da blir statsløse.


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