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We bought an apartment in Jan-2012 which was built in July 2007. Recently there was inspection after 5 year completion. After the inspection we found that the roof in one of the bedroom has a water leak stain. We just noticed this early this week and in addition the leak over the window frame and damaging a window frame support aswell. We just noticed this today while shifting the window screens. We have informed to the board aswell and we are waiting for another inspection. We also bought forsikring help while buying the property. Because this apartment is reasonably new (5 year old), my question is who is legal responsible to bear the cost of fixing this? Thanks for your time in giveing a guidance.

Well, that depends.

But as you say, the building is reasonably new. So if the leaks are a result of construction error, then the builder must cover either parts or the whole of the repair. But if the water leakage is caused by other things, that could not be foreseen by the builder. Then the cost must be covered by the owner of the building - or the insurance of said owner.

I am assuming this is either a coop or self-owned appartments. Either way there is some rules set down in the building management on how these things are handeled.

Normally this would be an insurance claim on the buildings part, unless the leak is caused by neglect.


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