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I was offered a position in Norway with a salary of 608,000. Is it a good salary? On what percent of cost and salary is it for Norway?

We are a family of four, two sons (one will be going to the university in the USA and the other one will be going with us).
What shall I expect with that salary? House mortgage, cars, trips?

I would just like to know what really I should expect.

That is what an engineer in the oil business with 10 years experience would expect to make. It is about 40% over the national average.

A teacher with a bachelor degree will make 450k/year.

If it is the only income of the family you should be able to make a decent living if you can keep the expenses down to reasonable levels.

Here is the standard budget for living in norway in 2011, mark it up with a few percent for 2013:

If your spouse can find some work also, you'll be just fine, and a bit above the average. Then any normal mortgage and a car or two ought to be no problem.


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