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Norway/Household incomes in southern Norway


Hi- thanks for helping me with my questions.

My wife recently was offered an environmental job in southern Norway paying approximately 450000NOK.

1)From reading your other answers, this appears to be slightly above average and should support a reasonable lifestyle but I'm unsure of whether that is based on the assumption that I will have a job of similar pay.

2)I'm a biologist (with ~20 years experience) and since I don't speak/read Norwegian have had a tough time finding websites that post positions in English to apply for. Do you have any website suggestions to aid in my job search or am I better off to search for a job in person when I come with her?

3) Here in Canada we own a house and two vehicles. I see you recommend home ownership if a person can afford it and will take that advice. Is vehicle ownership typical in Norway? Would this be a reasonable expectation as long as a person was willing to adjust their expectations? (I'm talking reliable transportation to go hiking, skiing and hunting)

Having lived most of my life in northern Canada I'm quite excited at the prospect of living in Norway! The climate and way of life seem to fit well with what I know and love.

Thank you.

Supporting a full family on a single income of 450K is not recommended. It is or course possible, but only if you manage to keep the cost down. Say if you do not need to have a mortgage to buy a home, that will make it viable to live on that income for two people relatively easy.

A two income family with both earning around what you stipulate will put you in the best position. That will be the tax sweet spot of tax/income and you will have no problem leading a comfortable lifestyle with a house and two cars. Maybe not new BMW's but a couple of sensible cars.

When it comes to climate, outdoors activities, social life and such. You will have no problems fitting in. You know how it is when it is cold, you know snow, you know firewood and how to keep warm. And people aren't all that different, deep down, even if every country have their quirks and odd ways.

The major website for both jobs and housing is:


"Eiendom" - 'Property'
"Bolig til salgs" = 'House for sale'

"Jobb" - 'job'
"Ledige jobber" = 'job openings'

If you have the necessary education, a master or preferably a doctorate in biology I imagine you'd quite easily be able to find a job a a university college. They're always looking for experienced new professors. Learning norwegian isn't all important in the science disciplines, although your social life will benefit from learning to speak norwegian.


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