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Norway/lots of question in mind...need an answer so badly


hi...i have a lot of question that cant be answered since my relatives in norway does'nt speak much english or rather they are just too old to answer me...i hope i can get an adequate response from you..thanks      
1. my father died a couple of months ago,we have relatives in norway but as i mentioned they are just old to answer some of my questions if not they just cant understand, i dont know what the next step,they all know that my father died they just told me that i need to send them my fathers proof of death for legal purposes or inheritance i may get..but so far my father has live here in the philippines after his retirement and was receiving pension here as,i dontbknow if i still need to send hes papers to norway since he left me everything here before he died...i just dont know if i will acquire anything in norway after hes death.

2. i was able to get a norwegian citizenship even when im here in the philippines when i was 22 years of age and until now ,i havent visited norway but is staying here in the philippines with a norwegian that my fathr died im thinking of  living in norway with my kid and my filipino husband..i dont know if its possible..

3.i am norwegian but i dont know how to speak  the language as i mentioned i just acquired the citizenship through my father,how will i get a job in norway if i d decide to stay there..and what documents do i need to sustain my family life as well. norwegian passport will expire i need to go to norway or just renew my passport in the embassy here if im not yet decided to go back will i start living in norway...with my family hopefully

6.will i be able to get some benefits from norway while living he in the philippines now that my father died and im the only norwegian in the family here...

i still have a lot of questions  in mind...i was not prepared of my fathers death..he was a silent person,doesnt speak much,i just dont know anything about norway aside from staying there for a 2 months vacation before and aside from bieing a norwegian acquired from my father living here in the philippines..i hope that my daughter will not be as ignorant as me about norway so im thinking of living there...just that i dont have the means bow that my father is not around to guide and support us.anyway im a nurse in the philippines but has not practice my profession and doesnt know norwegian language as welll..bad for me i guess...i hope you could help me...thanks so much

To recap. Your father was a norwegian, he has lived in the philippines until his death, receiving norwegian pension. You are also a norwegian.

You can go to norway at any time if you wish. If you can not get a job, you will be able to collect minimum social security benefits.

Your child and husband are not norwegian citizens, although your child may apply for norwegian citizenship based on your norwegian citizenship the same way you did.

If you decide to go "home" to norway, you may do so at any time. But to get your husband and child to come with you you will need to apply for a family reunification visa for them. To achieve this you will have to act as sponsor/anchor for this visa. The basic premise is that you make enough money to support them. Basically any full time job in norway will be enough, but you need a contract and at least a 3 month credit history showing that you can keep your job.

You are not eligible for any benefits from norway as long as you live in the philippines.

I highly doubt that your father has any property or value in norway after such a long time, but if he does you are (along with other children) entitled to part of it as inheritance. It could also be that your father has inherited something from other relatives that have died that should go to you by inheritance now. But normally people know about such things.

You will have to notify the norwegian embassy of your fathers death so they can stop the pension payouts. You will also be charged with paying back any pension paid out after the day of his death. Failing to do so will severely diminish your chances of ever having any visa approved in the future.

Not speaking norwegian isn't all that big a problem as long as you can speak english. It is not a requirement for norwegian citizens to speak norwegian. But it really does help with everyday life.  


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