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Norway/Norse alphabet for 'Beast'


QUESTION: I researched this a few months ago and discovered that the norse lettering for beast looked like H A R only the letters were slightly different to english, but looked similar to that.

I just checked now and Beast means dýr in norse. Is that correct?
Also how is it written in the text because now for some reason I can't find it, but I was sure it was written with those letters that looked similar to H A R.

Hope I'm making sense.

Hope you can help.

ANSWER: You're mixing alphabets and languages a bit here. Old norse, old norwegian, modern norwegian and the other scandinavian languages - including english - are written with latin letters. There are a few extra vowels in nordic languages but that is about it.

You are right: the word for "beast" or "animal" is DYR in both ancient norse and modern scandinavian languages.

What you mean by H A R, I do not know. Maybe you have seen some phonetic spelling of some word?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You're right I did. I don't know how that happened. I remember typing in old Norse translation for beast and each one came up with an alphabet and the letters that spelt beast in the language looked like a H A R . Now I've looked again and can't find it. Very odd. I think it may have been some form of runic alphabet, though like I said the letters are not quite the same as the one I found before, apart from the R.

So if I write  'dyr' then that would be accurate?

Thanks for your help. Should have come to you first!

Have a look at this rune translator.

It uses a version of the futhark that translates into something of the kind you asked about.
There are several versions of the futhark (rune alphabet) and this is only one. But it looks nice.


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