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I want to move to Norway and stay with my long-term boyfriend.
we have been together for the past 4 years. I have been visiting him for the  past 3 years . we have decided that we want to live together. can you give me some advice on this matter..I'm from the USA. thank you..otherwise I would have to visit for 90 days..this is so crazy the way some of these countries have things set up for residency. OK just email me back plus look forward hearing from..please help us

hi barb

I am a bit unsure about what you mean by "Some of these countries" since I assume you are seeking residency in Norway. But that aside.

You apply for family reunificaton visa. It is a simple process really. You don't even need to be married, although it often helps to convince the authorities that you're not just a pro forma relationship. The only real demand made on your boyfriend is that he makes enough money to support you and has a place to live. The minium annual icome to sponsor a visa is somewhere around 230k NOK/year. Most people make that amount easily.

Basically the same rules that apply to a foreign spouse that wants to move to the us.  


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Roy Helge Rasmussen


I live in the southern part of norway and can find my way around most of the country. I will answer questions about social life, culture, language and politics to the best of my knowledge. I am not so good at travel tips outside the south-eastern parts, although I will try to answer.


I live here and have been guiding members of my family around when they visit from abroad for years.

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