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Hello Roy Helge Rasmussen,
I am EU citizen with a permission to live permanently in Norway. I live in a small town with ± 3000 people in North Norway. This place is nice and has a huge potential for a cozy coffee-book shop that can be open from 10 to 22 o’clock.
My wish is to open café shop where young or older people could gather together, read books, use internet or just chat while enjoying coffee or tea with snacks or cakes.
Can non Norwegian citizen open café in Norway?
Even if answer is no I would still like you to give me some information as to how it is done, because in that case owner could be my fiancé (Norwegian).
Is it possible to get financial help to open business from municipality (kommune) or do we have to have full amount ourselves?   
What laws or hygiene standards should we know before wanting to serve food and drinks to public? Idea is: I want everything to be handmade in shop’s kitchen from snacks to cakes.
Where should we go with our idea to make it real and how detailed our business plan should be? I already know place we could rent for long term. I also have image of how shop’s design should look like, what equipment shop would need and of cause what we would sell. Now I am at point where I try to count how much it would all cost.
I hope you can help me with this at least a bit. And of cause thank you in advance for your time.
Lauryna S.

Anyone with legal residence can operate any business in norway. (except licensed businesses such as apotechiaries etc).

If you want to serve alcohol you need a "skjenkebevilling" from the kommune.
You need a "serveringsbevilling" - a license to serve food. This you get by a simple application to the local Kommune.

It is not difficult to get, all you need is to comply with health regulations for food preparation and serving.

It is always useful to have a good and solid buisiness plan as a foundation for your venture. That will make is so much probable that you'll survive in business. Your local kommune may or may not have cheap loans, or grants available for entrepreneurs like yourself. You'll just have to ask them.


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