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QUESTION: How do I word this question. Please I need information on affordable schools that offer international curriculums like International schools. International schools are quite expensive. Have kids aged 6 and 10, and live in the Uk. Would love them to attend an International school but prices are quite high so would love anything close to an International school but lessssss expensive. However information on very good schools will be very helpful too. Thank you.

ANSWER: The international schools I know of are in this list:

In addition we have the French school, the German school and a few others I believe.

But why do you want your kids to attend an international school? Have a good think about that before you set your mind to a private school with all that means for you.

If you're staying in norway for a short term only, the private international schools will be a good alternative. But if you're here for a few years, enrolling in the normal, free, omnipresent public school system has a lot to go for it. Your kids will learn the language and culture, get local friends, join in local activities. If you put them in a school that is not area bound you'll risk ending up isolated from your local community, both kids and adults alike.

And socially. What kind of people do you mingle with? The majority of the population will probably feel it is uneccessary snobbery to put your kids in a private school. It may be better, but not that much better. And private schools have an unfortunate ability to collect people who solve any problem by throwing money at it. If that is how you solve things, fine. But be prepared to fork out a lot more cash to keep up with the jones's if you put your kids in a private school rather than the local school, in addition to the school fee.

There are three reasons to put your kids in private schools in norway:

1) The kids are trully genius. With IQ's high above average. A private school will have more resources to give your kid the backing they need. But be objective. Most kids are not geniuses.

2) You do it to keep in touch with your home country. You see your posting in Norway as a temporary inconvenience. You'll be somewhere else next year. Immersing in culture is simply counter-productive for you.

3) You really have way to much money and want to cohort with other people with way to much money. Who cares then what the schools cost, as long as it is more expensive than the plebs can afford.

On the flip side: 1) If your kids are pretty average they'll get stressed out by an over-achieving environment. 2) You'll have lived in norway without ever knowing what country you lived in and 3) You'll end up have a lot of rich brats as friends.

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QUESTION: Referring to my original question please can I have links or information on schools which have good educational standards or otherwise good schools that are affordable and lesssss expensive or free in and around Oslo. Thank you.

Norway has a universal and free public school system that is governed by the same standards
no matter where you live. Except that well-to-do areas have more tax money to spend
on school than poor areas, with whatever that means for the "quality" of each individual
school. But teacher salaries are the same everywhere, defined on national level.

Private schools must adhere to the same standards as public schools.

So you go about it the other way around, you find an area where you would want to live,
then check out the local school as one of the things that is a plus or a minus in
the overall evaluation of that particular area.

Here is a list of all schools in norway.
Look under the heading OSLO and AKERSHUS

On a map:!q=barneskole+oslo&data=!1m4!1m3!1d115034!2d10.776014!3d59.9058218!4m37!1m36!4m8!1m3!1d114916!2d10.812926!3d59.939848!3m2!1i1244!2i690!4f13.1!10b1!19m6!1e1!1e2!1e9!1e10!1e12!4smaps_sv.tactile!20m13!1e1!1e2!1e3!1e4!1e5!1e9!1e10!1e11!1e12!2m2!1i203!2i100!5smaps_sv.tactile!26m4!1e12!1e13!1e3!4smaps_sv.tactile  


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