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Hi Roy,
My girlfriend is a Norwegian citizen living abroad and she read that recently the government has changed the law where you will be not able to be a member of the folketrygden forever once you lived abroad for more than 9 months? I did read your answers on this treat:

But because it is dated 2011 i thought maybe something is changed in those 2 years...Thanks for your time

In general, if you move abroad to work and live, your memebership in Folketrygden is ended the day you move, or at the latest 12 months after that. Unless you are working temporarily for a norwegian company and will return back home, work in the foregin service or on a norwegian ship/offshore.

Citizenship does not really have anything to do with membership in folketrygden. Membership is governed by where you pay your taxes and where you live. Citizenship does however grant you the right to move back to norway, even when you do not have a job to go to. But even citizens will not have any rights to benefits from folketrygden before they have earned it from working and paying taxes for some time.

If your primary domicile over two years (more than 50% of the time) is abroad, you will also no longer be a member of folketrygden.

Special circumstances apply for citizens of EU, EEC, USA and Canada.


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