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Hello! I'm going to be traveling to Tromso at the end of January to enjoy the wintry geography and Northern Lights, and I'm looking for some advice on where to stay. I'll be staying a few days in Tromso first, but for my last few days I'd like to stay somewhere more remote, with great views of mountains and/or sea, that is withing a couple hours' drive of Tromso. I'm having a hard time finding options because the Norway travel websites only include a few cities. Do you have any advice on beautiful areas in that general region with accommodations?

Thank you for any help!

The reason you only find a few towns/cities is because that is all there is. We're talking Alaska-style here. In the end of january it is still going to be pretty dark. You'll have a peek of the sun just around noon, but not much more. The rest of the time it'll be dark.
January 14. is the last day of winter darkness. After that theres is a bit more daylight every day.

When it comes to recommendations in Tromsø, I wouldn't know. The hotel booking sites is probably going to be as helpful as I can be.

But for a out-of-town place I have a couple of recommendations:

1) Sommarøy - a couple of hours from Tromsø. Way out where the open sea stretches endlessly out. They have a rather well renowned hotel.

2) Lyngen - Lyngen lodge. Spectacular mountains and fjords.

3) Rundhaug gjestegård - a bit farther away. Traditional inn with a flair. The place for visiting dignitaries of old.  


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