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Sir,I am from the Philippines and I'm here in Trondheim,Norway with a tourist visa. I'm loving the people here, their  culture and the government system that I thought it would be nice to move in this country with my family.However,there are few questions  I have in mind that I believe only the experts like you can answer:
1. I am a College English Instructor in the Philippines (also  graduated from a nursing school) and  my husband is a Secondary  Math teacher, are we qualified as skilled workers here? Do you think jobs will be available for us here?
2. My husband has another option of applying for a student visa and continue his Phd at NTNU,as a filipino citizen,can he apply for an educational loan from the Norwegian Gov't?
3. If one of us (either my husband or I ) be granted a student visa, as a dependent spouse is it legal for me to have a part time job here?
4. We have 2 children (16&3 y.o) that we would also like to bring. What kind of visa do we apply for them?and can we come here together as a family?
5. Any advise as to the best & quickest way to move here in Norway with my family?
Your reply is highly appreciated.
By the way,I have 2 sisters here in Sor Trondelag both are married with Norwegians.

1) Well, you're formally qualified. But realistically .... No, you'll not get teaching jobs in norway. That shouldn't stop you from trying though.

2) Only if you allready are a permanent resident.

3) A dependant can work full time. A student visa can work 50% max.

4) Children are dependants, will be granted visa based on primary visa.

5) Get a job, apply for specialist visa. Student visas do not qualify for residence- but of course if you spend three years doing a phd here, you'll speak the language and have much higher proability of landing a specialist job later. That will be a separate visa though.  


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