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I am considering driving (in my own car) from London to Oslo, and then from Oslo to Tromso by driving up the E6 (and back again!). I will do this during the last week of September and the first week of October. I have several questions (I understand that you have said your help is limited to the SE of Norway, but maybe you know the answers or can point me in the right direction):
1. Will the E6 be open all the way to Tromso?
2. Are there any difficult  steep, windy mountain passes to negotiate?
3. Are there petrol/LPG stations at regular intervals?
4. Will I need special tyres for the car, studded ones?


1) Yes, it is the main thorougfare. Always open, but for the worst winter storms.

2) Saltfjellet can be tricky in winter. But you should be able to avoid frost the first week in october. A week or two later though I wouldn't bet on it.

3) Yes

4) You should be ok with summer tires. But bring winter chains, just in case.


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