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I am Russian, living in Poland and being in process of getting a refugee status here. I also have a Norwegian boyfriend (we live together here in Poland) and we expect a child (8 months pregnancy). As I understand we can apply for Norwegian citizenship for our baby when he is born - at the Norwegian embassy in Poland. Do you think I can apply for family reunion after that? If yes, what do I need for that? What are the requirements about sponsorship in this case?

Thank you in advance

ANSWER: No. When neither parent is a norwegian national then the child will not get norwegian citizenship.

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QUESTION: No, the Norwegian boyfriend=father of the child!

Sorry. I misread. Yes when the father is norwegian, the child will also have automatic right to norwegian citizenship. Call the embassy and they will send you the på papers you need to fill out. I guess you do the same with the russian embassy. Normally you'll need the polish birth certificate, ID papers for the father, A signed paper from the mother affirming the fathership and whatever papers the embassy makes you fill out.

The child does not change your situaton. You can apply for family reunion when the father makes enough money to support you.


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