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I would like to be done debating on the proper pronunciation of my middle name. I am named after my grandfather from Bergen. His name was Kjell Ingvard Stolen. My Middle name is Kjell. Here in America, friends referred to him as 'Shell' but I do not believe that is correct. My daughter's German teacher tells her it's 'Kyell'. My daughter's name is Summer Kjell. I don't think that's quite right either. Although I've never been to Norway, my husband and I are both of Norwegian descent and I would truly like to finally properly pronounce my own name!!
Misty Kjell
WA State

This is actually a tricky one since the sound does not exist inn english. I have uploaded a video to YouTube with the correct pronounciation.

The name is a male first name and not used as a middle name inn Norway. It means kettle or helmet. Very masculine and ancient.


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I live in the southern part of norway and can find my way around most of the country. I will answer questions about social life, culture, language and politics to the best of my knowledge. I am not so good at travel tips outside the south-eastern parts, although I will try to answer.


I live here and have been guiding members of my family around when they visit from abroad for years.

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