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Hi Roy. I am excitedly retracing my family history to find that my ancestors are Norwegian. However I am having some difficulty in making sure that I am connecting the correct person with the correct details/surnames. I have a female ancestor(born 1819) whose maiden surname is Olsdatter. Is this also the same as "Olsdr" perhaps in a shortened form or is "Olsdr" a completely different surname altogether? Many thanks :)

Olsdatter literally means Daughter of Ol(e). Ole is a common norwegian male given name, and his female children were then called Olsdatter. This custom gradually declined in the mid 17th century and the male counterform Olsson/Olson/Olsen became the norm as permanent surname and people stopped using their fathers name as root.

"Olsdr" is not a separate surname. Most likely it is a short form of "Olsdatter"


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