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Norway/re-obtaining a norwegian passport


I have previously held dual citizenship, holding both Norwegian and British passports. I surrendered my Norsk Pass when I turned 21. Although born in the UK, my mother still holds a Norsk pass and I would like to reapply for one, even if it means giving up my British citizenship. Is this possible? All documentation can be provided and I have plenty of family residing in Norway.

Certainly. If you want to, you can. As long as you're willing to give up your british passport, then the process is pretty straightforward. You have the right to be norwegian, you have once been, and you can reclaim your citizenship pretty easily.

It helps though to live here. If you want to remain living in the UK while resigning your UK citizenship and aquiring a norwegian passport you will bump into more obstacles than if you are living in norway at the time of changing. After you have completed the change though, you can of course freely move wherever you want.

In practical terms I suppose you could do the entire process in a couple of months while living with relatives on an extended summer vacation. You'd probably have to claim that the reason you want to change is that you want to live in norway to make the application go through easily.  


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