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Norway/driving from oslo to stavenger


hello roy,

was reading your answer to a previously asked question.  need some clarifications.

we will be driving a motorhome from oslo to bergen mid-june.  initially, i was thinking of using the coastal road via kristiansand to stavenger, & then up to bergen.  our return drive from bergen to oslo will be through eidfjord & Hardangerfjord.

i have read reviews who suggest the mountain road to stavenger is a more scenic option.  may i know if this is the oslo-drammen-kongsburg-notodden-seljord-nomeland-lyseboth route?  is there a ferry where the motorhome can board to stavenger from lyseboth?  is yes, it would be perfect bcos we have intentions to hike up kjerag & lyseboth has a camping site too... :-)

appreciate your assistance.  tq! jaime

Yes, there is a ferry going from lysebotn to stavanger in the summer months. Call ahead to make reservations, it doesn't have room or that many cars. And it doesn't run that often.

It leaves Lysebotn every day at noon, and takes 4 hours to Stavanger.


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