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Norway/pension and over paid back taxes


I received a letter several months ago that my husband had a refund owed to him for over paid taxes I responded by e-mail to Olivia Larsen and have not received an answer now Yesterday I received a letter that they had over paid me for Aug 2011 the mount is 5273 he died  July 4th, 2011 and I went around July 11-12 to the conciliate in Houston, Tx to report his death so that wouldn't happen Please help me to find out how I can communicate with these folks I cannot get a phone to answer at the number they supplied with the letter.

I am a little unclear about what is actually happening here. You say your late husband is due some overpaid taxes. And secondly that the pension fund paid out to much and are requiring you to send some money back to them?

Anyway, get on the phone to the embassy and explain the situation. This is something they know how to handle. So even if the consulate doesn't know how to thandle it, the embassy should.

I don't know what pension system your husbad was a member of so I can't really give you any contact point for that.

But the tax office for persons living abroad has the following contact information, you could try calling them:

You can contact Skatteetaten by phone or e-mail
From Norway: 800 80 000 (08:00-15:00)
Press 9 for English menu. Making a call is free, but when calling from a mobile phone, particular rates may apply.  
From abroad: + 47 22 07 70 00


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