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Norway/Stavanger: Job Offer VS Cost of Living


Hi Roy,

I'm currently evaluating a possible job offer of NOK 1,054,036 per year at Stavanger. I'm an asian & single. Would you be kind enough to advise me whether or not such salary could afford me a good living in Stavanger? At the same time, how much tax deduction can I expect from my salary?


1M NOK/Year is more than double the median income in norway. It is more than the average dual income family. you'll be in the top 0.5% income bracket.

If you can't live lavishly on that income, with no kids even, you really have a spending problem.

You will pay steep taxes though. Around 42% I guess, all included.but that includes free healthcare, free unemployment insurance and all the other stuff the government provides.


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Roy Helge Rasmussen


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