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Hello Roy,

We would like to buy a tommansbolig (H101, H201)with a basement. We plan to rent out one floor. The total P-rom which will be rented out is less than 50% of total P-rom of the building that includes basement as well. In front of the house, there is a free area with football court and kids play area. The real estate representative (megler) things that this area is belongs to the commune. My questions are below.

1.   How about the income from one apartment? Is this considered taxable because it is approved for two dwellings?
2.   How can we ensure that this free area belongs to the commune?
3.   Currently, the road to the apartment is dead end. Is it possible to find out the future plan from commune about the roads faround this area?
4.   Is there any professionals/companies offers estimation of the house? Is it possible to get names or link?
5.   If we have to upgrade the entrance with a gang (fasade) to avoid the wind issues in handling the door, do we need to seek approval from commune?

Thanks for your time in answering the questions.

1) Normally you can let out one part of a tomannsbolig tax free, unless the two parts are sectioned off and are effectively two separate houses (that just happend to be conjoined). But on the other hand, paying taxes on the income from the property might not be such a bad idea - since that will give you the possibility to write off all expenses you have on the property on your taxes. If you have tax free income, you can not write off expenses.

2) You check the Grunnbok/property register. Most municipalities have this online and searchable. Go to your kommune on the internet and click maps/kart or something like that.

3) Same place as you find the other maps, most Kommuner publish future plans and maps as well. What you are looking for is the "arealplan" area plan.

4) Any bank with a property department can do it for you, but they only care about market value. Or you can contact a professional Takstmann (estimate man), they do stuff like this for a living. Or a professional renovator, they're good at seeing what is there and not.

5) Yes. That is a phasade change, and needs to be approved by the kommune. If the change is not visible from the outside, you do not need to apply.


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