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Please guide us how to stable our family in Norway.We both get married recently and we want to come to Norway and establish.We have a relations there to get help.We both can apply the scholarship program and come .I don't know whether they have January Intake 2014. Because now too late to apply for August 2013 Intake.Thing is I want to know

1.)Can I deliver the baby there under student visa.If not how long I have to wait for that?

2.)Do they give dependent visa for my husband.

3.)What is the best way to apply this.

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) You can't hold it in, can you? Babies are born when they have to. The baby's status is linked to the visum status of the parents. Your trouble as a mother is, can you keep on being a student when you're the mother of a newborn? If you can't, then you're not a student anymore. And the visa is retracted.

2) Yes, if you know how to support yourself. You can't get a dependant visa unless you know how you're going to pay for your life. But a student visa is not a way to "establish" yourself. A student visa does not count towards a residence visa. A student visa is given to study, then to go home to spend your education bettering your own life there.

3) You fill out the same forms as everybody else.


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