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Norway/norwegian course for skilled worker


Im from indonesian and interested to apply for norwegian studies for skilled worker.
but from the school i search mostly the course is one year program norwegian language course  for skilled worker and have to paid advance which is quite large of amount to invest.
As i read from udi it is allowed to study norwegian language for up to oneyear for applying skilled worker visa.
my question is :
A. Is it necessary we must attend one year program norwegian language for apply skilled worker visa?

B. Is it possible to apply other program like : 5 weeks program for beginner and then enroll again another 5 weeks for another level  for applying skilled worker no need to pay such huge of tuition fee  in advance.

ANSWER: A) That depends on what kind of skilled worker we're talking about. If you're a medical professional, then yes, you need to pass a language proficiency test before you can be accredited in norway.

B) The programs, or classes aren't the important thing. The important thing is what you get out of it. Can you pass the exam? If you can pass the necessary exams without attending any classe, then you just go for that. But if you cannot pass the necessary exams for your profession, then you probably need to take more classes and training.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your reply Roy, very appreciated your information.
anyway, I was graduated bachelor degree from local institution in indonesia majorin in office management.
i also have visited norway several times with tourist visa for holiday.
But recently i planned to stay longer and seeking an opportunity for job and taking norwegian course at the sametime.
I was thinking to apply norwegian course for skilled worker visa.
But im confused to choose the course, as they have one year package for skilled worker with huge tuition fee to pay in advance, so i was thinking whether it is possible to choose for enroll term by term.

Do you think my visa will hv chance to got approved by UDi for graduated from economic.

Thank you.

There are no language requirements for specialist visas. Language courses are all on your own volition. It does help to speak the language of the country you plan on applying for jobs. So universities and schools are free to offer programs at whatever price/duration they think the market will demand. I do not have any list of available schools/courses and their duration or price.

If you do enroll in a language course/school full time, you'll need to apply for a student visa for the duration of the course. This student visa is not a working visa, and does not count towards permanent residence permit.

I believe that the prospects of landing a job in business administration in norway when you're a foreigner are very very slim. But dont let me detain you from trying.


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