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Norway/citizenship through descent


Hello Roy,I read your article with great interest. In 1883 My GGgrandfather immigrated from Loten which is documented in the NORGE to TEXAS book with Derwood Johnson as one of the authors. His name was Borre Larsen and his daughter was Petronelle Burreson and her daughter is my Grandmother. To my knowledge Borre did not become a naturalized citizen and I have written to Judge Johnson to ask if he knows because the book is written in Swedish. I have birth and death and immigration records and they did reside in Clifton, Bosque County TX which was a Norwegian community.Borre was 54 when he immigrated so he did not serve in the military.My hope is to become a citizen so I can pass that on to my son.

I thank you so very much for your time and your expertise

There is no such thing as citizenship through descent, at least not in your case. That right was lost after the first in your line registered for US citizenship. Now if your father or mother were norwegian and never naturalized, and you never served military service, and you never naturalized, then we might have had an argument. But for all practical purposes your grandmother was fully american at birth, and lost her claim on norwegian citizenship at 21 unless she forfeited her us citizenship and remained only norwegian.

Your grandfathers name was Børre Larsen from Løten.

It is quite likely that you will be able to find him in the digital parish registers if you look him up.

I tried looking in the register for Børre Larsen, Løten, Hedmark, born 1829 but did not immediately find anything. If you know in what parish he was born, you can most likely find him here:

Løten is in Hedmark county/fylke.


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